To our very missed and very important friends and family,

Samuhu Marching Along:

We have been spending half a week in Samuhu, and half a week in Saenz Pena. After about a month and a half we are getting settled into a good groove. The church in Samuhu is marching along well. The people are taking on a greater portion of the ministry there and are spending a lot of their energy reaching out. They are excited about serving the Lord, and there are always testimonies to share. One day a group of guys went out to take up prayer requests from people in the town. One lady asked for prayer for her daughter who was struggling with her classes in school. The next day her daughter got a great grade on a test and the mother told a lady who goes to our church the she really felt like God helped her daughter. Whether the girl just had a good test or God really did a work we suppose could be discussed, but the mother sincerely felt like God made himself real to her like never before. The point is that the woman felt touched by God, and that means that God was involved.

Sports Outreach:

After five days of sports, testimonies, drama gospel presentations, a lot of fun and a lot tired, we are pleased with the results. We know of at least four people who for sure asked Jesus to save them for the first time. There have also been about 8 people who re-dedicated their lives to Christ. For a small town this is big news. With each passing year the people who come to the Lord through this outreach end up being some of the most passionate dedicated disciples of Jesus that we have in the church. We are excited that we have new brothers and sisters in Christ. It is so awesome to see it when someone opens their heart to Jesus. It is beautiful, just beautiful.

Saenz Pena:

The work in Saenz Pena is coming along fine. It is interesting coming to a city where hardly anyone knows you. It takes time to build relationships. We take time to walk around town every week and talk to as many people as the Lord gives us the chance to talk to. So far there are a handful of contacts that we are spending time with and believing that God is going to do a work in their hearts. We have started a house church on monday nights. That is going ok. We believe that as we continue to sow the seed of the love of Jesus in this city that it will produce a harvest in due time. Continue to pray that God will use us to plant a mighty church here in Saenz Pena. We are dedicated to making this our base for ministry for a long time. We are excited about serving the Lord here.

Thank You:

Once again we want to thank you for your participation in this ministry. We feel the love of God through your prayers and generous giving. We could not do this without you. May God bless your lives as you have so blessed ours.

Anthony Jessica and Ezekiel Rosier

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