To all our incredible friends and family,

Saenz Peña

      Serving God in Chaco has been a very educational experience. We have learned so much about how God works in and through His people, as we have seen lives changed and ignited to serve God. We have learned wisdom as we have helped people through some very complicated circumstances in their lives. And right now we are learning patience. We have never planted a church before, so we are on a particularly steep learning curve right now. There are 10 people with whom we are in regular contact with. We visit them on a weekly basis, or we see them in house church. It has been exciting to see God touch and encourage their lives, yet we had hoped to be a bit further along after being here for a few months now. Obviously it is going to be a challenge to pastor in one town for half of the week, and then go to a city to work on planting a church for the other half. I suppose when we look at all that is going on we are able to say that God is truly working and that He has a great future planned for the people of Saenz Peña. We are super excited to see all that God is going to do here. Please keep praying for God to give us favor here, and that we would connect with more and more people who need to know how great Jesus is.


      For the second year in a row we have led the group of 4 pastors in Samuhu to have a worship service with all of the churches together in one location. This year there were many more people than last (close to 300). We worshipped the Lord together, prayed together, and celebrated God’s faithfulness in Samuhu. We can see how the gospel is growing in Samuhu. There is still much work to be done, but we are so thankful to God for where he has brought us. Much of what has gone on in Samuhu will serve as a model for reaching many of the towns in Chaco, Argentina that are also in great need of a touch from God. Pray that the Gospel will continue to increase in Samuhu so that all of the people will know how wonderful Jesus is.

      We want to thank you all for the many ways that you support the work that the Lord has given us to do here in Argentina. Your prayers and financial support are critical to accomplish the task. We pray that God may bless your lives abundantly as you so bless ours.

Partner with us to reach Chaco for Christ. To support us financially you can send a check to:

City Harvest Church,

8100 NW 9th Ave. Vancouver, WA 98665

Please don’t write anything in the memo line, but please DO write a note or attach a sticky note in the envelope with the check that says ‘Rosier Mission’. Thank you so much for you support.