To all our wonderful friends and family,

This last month has truly been incredible. At the end of March we did a youth outreach. We had been working with a group of about 10-15 youth, and during the outreach there were at least 35 young people. We are believing that God is going to build a great youth ministry that will impact the youth culture of Argentina. Even though these are relatively small beginninga, we have a great sense of grace and destiny. Continue to pray for this minstry.

The Lord also opened doors for us to get into a new building. It is a serious proyect. Soon we will send some pictures. What has been most amazing about this transition are 2 things. 1, that before now the level of sacrifice of the members had been somewhat questionable, but since we started working we have seen people get involved with serious sacrifices. One construction worker donated a lot of materials and labor to plaster the walls inside. An electrician is donating a lot of the work there. People have given financial sacrifices. Another lady wants to donate the decorative fabric. The youth have been constant in working hard in cleaning and helping with the projects. There is still a lot to do, but is has been great to see the church come together like it has. 2, the people around the new building have been building a good relationship with us. One man near the building came by early one morning crying and looking for someone to talk to. Anthony talked and prayed with him for over an hour. He still hasn’t given his life to God yet, but he is finding out that God is good. Even one of the owners sons has said he is going to come to the church when it opens there. Please pray that God will bring in a supernatural harvest in this next season of the church.

God bless you all. We are so thankful for all of your support in every way. We absolutely could not do this work without your involvement. We would like to encourage you to get involved in this church planting ministry. There are serious projects coming up that we could easily accomplish with the human resources that we have, if we had the financial resources. One of those being a school that we want to start Lord willing next year. We are looking at getting the building in conditions this year for it to be approved for the next school year that starts in March next year.  Let the Holy Spirit lead your hearts.

Anthony, Jessica and Ezekiel and boy #2