To all our incredible friends and family,

      This has been an exciting season for the church in Argentina.  In a busy political season the churches have joined together to pray and fast for 40 days for the country.  In Saenz Pena we have been participating in this national campaign.  There have been a couple of key activities that have been impacting here in our city.  1. We gathered around 3000 Christians in the main plaza one Sunday night to pray together as a Church.  2. We have been gathering in different churches each Monday evenings to pray as well.  One Monday night we had the churches praying together in our church.  This is exciting, because we believe that this is going to open the heavens for a powerful season with lives being touched and changed by the work of Jesus Christ all across Argentina.  Locally we are pleased that we are gaining a key role among the churches in Saenz Pena and building influence in our city.  Attached are a couple of pictures of the prayer meeting in our church.
      In other news, we are waiting for Jessica’s passport and visa to get to us so that we can make it to the USA.  At best we had hoped to be in the USA by October 1st, but it looks like it will be closer to the 8th or 9th.  We will be there for about 3 weeks.  If anyone would like to get together we will try to be as available as possible to share about the great things that God has been doing in Argentina.  Soon we hope to have a phone number where you can reach us as well.
      We want to thank you all for the many ways you support us.  Without your involvement we couldn’t do all that God has set before us here.  God bless you as you bless our lives and the people of northern Argentina.
Anthony, Jessica and Ezekiel and Esteban