To all our incredible friends and family,

The last month and a half have been intense.  February was another full month with ministry training, and evangelism.  We had a week of training from an Argentine ministry that equips for evangelism and children’s/adolescent ministries.  This was a great week where 30 people got biblical and ministerial training.  Later in the month we put on a soccer tournament in one of the neighborhoods in Saenz Pena.  We had live music and a constant stream of mini sermons that sowed the word of God into at least 100 young people.  We are starting to see some of those young people come to the church.

On March 10th we put on a couples dinner to evangelize.  It was a beautiful time with games, videos, live music, a serious word for the couples and a full Dinner.  We had 18 couples with at least half of them being un-churched people.  Among many testimonies, one couple said that the word was like God speaking directly to them.  Another couple said that they have found peace and happiness again in their relationship and are pressing into God.  We are pleased that we could use this creative method to reach the couples of Saenz Pena.  (Unfortunately I only have a photo of the dinner preparations).

I (Anthony) will be in the USA from March 28- April 9.  I would love to connect with people and house churches the week of the 2nd – 8th.  Please feel free to write an email and we will get some meetings on the calendar.

A note to supporters.  The administrators are asking that we make sure to not write anything in the memo lines of the checks, instead if there could be a note attached saying ‘Rosier Mission’, the donations will be duly deposited.

We want to thank you all for the many ways you support us.  Without your involvement we couldn’t do all that God has set before us here.  God bless you as you bless our lives and the people of northern Argentina.

Anthony, Jessica and Ezekiel and Esteban