To all our incredible friends and family,

A couple of months ago a young man named Hugo moved from Buenos Aires to Saenz Pena. He was getting away from a very destructive lifestyle there. He came to our church and he gave his heart to the Lord. He is learning how to follow Jesus. His great desire is to have a right relationship with Jesus. Continue to pray that the Lord will completely deliver him from past bondage and that he will be able to fulfill his destiny in Christ.

Alcides and Romina have been a wonderful couple in the church in Saenz Pena. Although they have had some up and down times, they are really pushing in to serve the Lord and grow in responsibility in the Kingdom of God. They have been hosting a small group in their house and now they want to transition that time to work with the kids in their neighborhood. Please pray that the Lord will use their lives in powerful ways! Attached is a picture of the small group in their house.

We want to say thank you to Steve and Cheri Rosier who were here visiting in May. They blessed our lives and the church here in many ways. One way in particular is that Steve worked very hard to install a hallway and partially complete a classroom. These were needed modification for the churches functioning, and they are also part of the project to start a pre-school. We are in awe of the provision that the Lord has brought up to this point. Now we wait on Him and His timing to continue forward. Attached are some pictures of the modifications.

We want to thank you all for the many ways you support us. Without your involvement we couldn’t do all that God has set before us here. God bless you as you bless our lives and the people of northern Argentina.

Anthony, Jessica and Ezekiel and Esteban