To all our incredible friends and family,

The church in Samuhu celebrated its 45th anniversary in June. We have been working there for 5 of those years. There is great expectation in the air there. We are continuing to pray that the leadership team there will really gel together and be able to build the church. There are smaller towns nearby that are asking for us to come and visit and to start investing the gospel into those places. We need to have stronger leadership and commitment in order to be able to do a good consistent work in those places. The harvest is ready, we are working on building up workers to go into the field.

We want to say thank you to City Harvest Church for sending down Jan Stahl, Shanda Harris, Sandy Phillips, and Noelle Mckinelly to minister to the churches here in Northern Argentina. They poured their hearts out on the people here. We had 13 meeting in 6 days, plus other counseling sessions. These ladies did a great Job. The people really experienced a spiritually awakening and are ready to serve the Lord with more enthusiasm. The body of Christ has been built up. Many people received prophetic words that will help them hone in on their destiny in Christ, many were released in their prayer language (one lady, Laura, started praying in English in her prayer language), a young man was delivered from a demon, and everyone learned a lot about the greatness of our Lord. Thank you ladies, we miss you already.

We want to thank you all for the many ways you support us. Without your involvement we couldn’t do all that God has set before us here. God bless you as you bless our lives and the people of northern Argentina.

Anthony, Jessica and Ezekiel and Esteban