To all our wonderful friends and family,

The past two months we have been facilitating what I call the ‘Family School’. This is a government approved course that is dealing with issues such as youth and sex, violence in the family, developing a child in the toddler stage, toxic addictions, and many other real life issues that affect the family. It has been interesting to hear some lively debate as the medical professionals and Christians tackle these difficult topics. It has been very educational, and we are looking forward to the next 4 months that the course still has to offer. Attached is a photo of the first class in July.

We recently added nine members to the church in Saenz Pena. La Cosecha has really matured this last year. The commitment level to Christ and to one another has really helped us get to a very healthy place as a church. Attached is a photo of the new members.

Leo is a young man who got delivered from demonic possession in June. He has been coming to church regularly. He had a real problem with drugs before, and the temptation to get back into that lifestyle has been strong. He has decided to commit himself to a year and a half Christian rehab program in another city. We are believing for him to find total freedom and to become the man of God that the Lord intends him to be.

We want to thank you all for the many ways you support us. Without your involvement we couldn’t do all that God has set before us here. God bless you as you bless our lives and the people of northern Argentina.

Anthony, Jessica and Ezekiel and Esteban