El Clamor:  September 20-23 we had our second annual youth conference called ‘El Clamor’.  This conference focuses on the development of the praise and worship elements of ministry.  We were able to give away 2 guitars, drumsticks, and a number of other prizes.  The youth had time to seek God, and to encounter new ways in which they could serve the Lord in the worship/music/audio/visual ministry.

El Clamor

El Clamor 2012

La Cosecha Youth

La Cosecha Youth

Why youth?  Those who have been following this ministry from the beginning can testify that the Lord is preparing an army of powerful young people.  Besides being an integral part in helping the youth find purpose and hope in life, many youth are dreaming about being builders in the kingdom of God.  In the next five years of so we will be able to see some of this fruit really show itself.

The beginning years of a church planting movement:  The beginning years of a church planting movement are key.  It takes time to clarify the spiritual DNA, develop a solid model church, spend the time mentoring people into key leadership roles, and keep the clear call to plant churches in the hearts and minds of the people.  These elements are present in the work here.  We are anxiously awaiting the time when we will begin releasing the church planters.  Continue to pray for many men and women to arise and become great church planters sent out from Saenz Pena, CHACO.

Thank you for the support you give in so many ways.  Together we are making a difference in people lives in Argentina.