Our new home.  The Lord led us to plant a church in the city of Saenz Pena.  The church is called ‘La Cosecha’ (The Harvest).  We began the church plant in October 2009.  This city has about 120000 people living there.  It is a major college town providing a population saturated with young people.  This city is right in the middle of the province giving easy access to the 200+ small towns around Chaco that need the gospel.

We began the church plant in our apartment where we almost immediately had around 25 people coming to the house church. We have been aggressively looking for ways to reach out to the community. We have done sports outreaches, park outreaches, food and school supply outreaches, door-to door evangelism, and much more to reach Saenz Pena for Christ. A month after we started in the apartment we transitioned to our first small building. In that location the church grew to a solid group of around 40 members. From there the Lord provided for us to get into an outstanding building that is perfect for developing the future projects. The church has grown to about 60 people and we have seen many lives transformed by the presence of Jesus Christ in their hearts.

First House Church in Saenz Pena

First Building in Saenz Pena

Sunday School Class For Kids

2nd Building in Saenz Pena

2nd Building Interior

A Church Service

Park Outreach Saenz Pena

Worship Encounter